James Hubbell

“Where your hands go, where the light falls, where the shadows make a pattern, they will lead you. If it comes from the heart it is part of the universe’s song of jubilation.”—James Hubbell


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The source of James Hubbell’s artistic achievements is his residence and studios located in Julian, California, called Ilan-Lael. There is much to see—the hand-built sculptural home of James and Anne Hubbell, working-artist studios, orchards and gardens—a wonderland of architecture and art nestled amidst oaks and boulders and breathtaking mountain views.


Artist, Sculptor, Architectural Designer

James Hubbell is internationally known for his artworks and his fantastical organic-architecture house and adjacent studios located in the mountain community of Julian, California, 60 miles east of San Diego. James’s artworks—mosaics, wrought iron railings and gates, stained glass, and sculptures—grace hundreds of San Diego homes, churches, and public spaces, and also appear throughout the artist’s home and studio spaces, called Ilan-Lael.



Classes and workshops are offered at the stunning Ilan-Lael Art Center for a variety of artistic expressions, including mosaic, fabric and textile arts, metal arts, and stained glass, just to name a few. Small classes allow for individualized instruction as well group learning that maximizes the sharing of creative ideas. Guest instructors and students come from around the country to be inspired by the amazing natural beauty and artistic surroundings at Ilan-Lael. 


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A curated selection of original Hubbell art is available in the Hubbell Gallery for visitors during tours and online. Enjoy a wide selection of books and films as well as one-of-a-kind creations by Hubbell Studio artists.

Where to see Hubbell art in San Diego and Northern Baja

Hubbell’s work can be found in environmental centers, public parks, libraries, worship centers, schools, and museums on both sides of the border. Nature always guides his work. “I wish that we could live in homes as marvelous and beautiful as that of the snail,” he once wrote. And why, he asks,“… cannot cities be as endlessly rewarding as forests?”

Lado A Lado, Side By Side

Tijuana and San Diego are important cities with much in common: topography, weather, native plants and animals, and culture. They exist side by side, straddling a border that both divides and connects. James Hubbell honors this contradiction by using his art to metaphorically bridge the divide and build a new and very real sense of community. Brick by brick, mosaic chip by mosaic chip, Hubbell invites everyday people from Baja California and San Diego to join him in creating spaces of beauty and importance.